Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A New Addition...

Ever since I got Fannie, we have thought it would be great to have another horse so that I wouldn't have to ride alone.  I always said that a large pony would be best- one big enough for any of us to ride, yet smaller than an average horse so he would be less intimidating for the younger ones to ride.
Well...  It seemed a little bit impossible for us to get another, but the Lord provided one.

 This is Chip, a POA (Pony of the Americas).  He's a nine year-old gelding, and is "green broke", which basically means he has been trained and ridden a little, but needs more work.  I am looking forward to training him.  He's extremely friendly (annoyingly so, sometimes!) and is a quick learner, but sometimes a little stubborn.  Overall though, he wants to please.
In fact, Farrah and I were able to ride him and Fannie to Aunt Gie-Gie's house, a few miles away.  It was a lot of fun, even if Fannie thought she was in a race with Chip the whole way.  She's a very independent, competitive horse, but since she is well-trained, she is also a very fun horse.

Arrival at the Coopers'.  They were pleasantly surprised!

 We put the horses in their neighbor's paddock, which he kindly allows us to use whenever we need it, and enjoyed good fellowship for about an hour in the house.  After a snack, it was time to go home.

Saddling up.  Farrah needed Fannie's saddle for Chip, so I rode bareback.  Fannie's extremely smooth gait made this very pleasant though.
 Before we left, pony rides were in order.  Chip did very well.
(Please note:  I would not have put young children on a very green pony unless I was perfectly certain he would do well.  He has given plenty of rides before on a lead rope.)

James enjoyed being a "cowboy".  He always loves to hear stories of a friend, "Cowboy James".  I think he especially likes that he has the same name.  :)

Caleb also had a great time!

Sophia did very well too.

 Time to go home!
The ride home was uneventful, other than the phone falling out of the saddlebag when we cantered down our dirt road.  We had to go back and find it after putting the horses away.

We look forward to many interesting rides with Chip and Fannie in the future!


  1. Hi Alayna

    Congratulations on your new pony!
    He looks very nice.

    Colin Limbeek

    1. Hi Colin,
      Thank you! Maybe you and Bo can give the horses some exercise when your family comes down again!

    2. That sounds like a GRRREAT idea!! :)
      I'm looking forward to it.

      Colin Limbek