Friday, July 4, 2014

In the Garden...

We have been working outside for about an hour every day before it gets too hot.

Planting grass in the dog's hole by the footpath.

Can you find the bee?

The goats provide plenty of good garden material.  :)
 We recently acquired a few chickens.  More than half of them were roosters, but they were free, and are just eating scraps, so we can put up with four roosters for a little while.  I want the chickens primarily so that they will spread the manure in the pasture, and help control flies and worms by breaking up their breeding cycle.
Believe it or not, this is actually not a mess waiting to be cleaned up.  It is the beginning of a clover bed for bees.  We have hives and all the equipment we need, but no bees or flowers.  So I thought that we could grow flowers, and then get bees once they are well established.  The cardboard is to keep the weeds down.  On top of that is enriched bedding from the goat stall, and on top of that is partially decomposed mulch and leaves, with a few banana peels.  Some crimson clover is already sprouting.  I will pictures of the progress later on.

Daddy and the boys have been cutting down some trees in our back pasture, which was largely wooded.

One of Mama's best workmen...

And the dear designer of the landscape!

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