Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Armourer's 'Prentices, by Charlotte M. Yonge

The Armourer's 'Prentices 
Rating:  9 out of 10 Stars
     I came across this book on Librivox, when I became proof-listener for the recording.  I really enjoyed reading it, and C. M. Yonge has now become one of my favorite authors.

     The Armourer's 'Prentices is the story of two English brothers in the early Tudor days.  They are turned out of their home upon the death of their father, and have to make their way to London, in hopes of finding a long-lost uncle.  The elder boy, Ambrose, is thoughtful and studious; the younger, Stephen, is active and impatient of restraint, desiring to go into the army, and win his fortune by the sword.  Things take an unexpected turn though, and Stephen finds himself making swords, instead of using them, while Ambrose becomes a bookseller's helper.

     This book gives an accurate picture of the earlier part of the reign of Richard VIII, and the awakening beginning in England, as the people began to read the Bible in their own language, and realize the corruptness of the clergy.  The story is interesting, and clean; most suitable for children from 10-15.

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Please note:  Charlotte Yonge was a staunch Anglican, and this appears frequently in her books.  However, her books are still very good; you just may want to discuss some subjects, such as infant baptism, with children who are reading them.  It is good for children to come to an understanding of these issues at a fairly young age, and to understand where we stand and why we stand on issues; not be taught that they don't exist.  Use discretion however, and don't let your children indiscriminately imbibe everything as strictly correct, simply because it was presented in a good book.

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