Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Chicken Butchering Brigade!

This morning, we butchered two roosters who were about to become a problem on the farm.  
LilyAnn, Justice, Emaline and Russell were my helpers.  Oh, and Kep helped too, when one of the roosters got away.  He later supervised operations from under the table.

 I had the three youngest deliver this rooster to LilyAnn for scalding and plucking.

 Russell wasn't the quickest plucker, but he sure was cute.  He took one tiny feather at a time.  Good thing he wasn't the only one doing it.
Chilling in the ice bath.

(Photos from here on were taken by William.  Unfortunately, quite a few were unusable, due to his searching out the grossest by-products of butchering that he could find.  Justice took a few pictures with the phone, but I couldn't use any of his, for the same reason.  Little brothers...)

I helped Justice cut off legs.  They were washed and saved to make stock.  Both birds were really scrawny (typical of not over-fed, free-range, egg laying breeds).  They will be great for making healthy broth though.

LilyAnn cleaned one of the chickens all by herself.

We had a good time working together!

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