Friday, May 16, 2014

April with the Feldmans...

This April has been a whirlwind.  We have had something, or several things, every week this month, and have been on the run a lot. 

Early this month, we visited a small Paso Fino farm to look at a stallion.  I had been considering breeding Fannie, and when I got online to see if there were any good stallions around, I found:

Jesse el Rubio

He is gorgeous, but what really impressed me was his temperament.  There aren't very many stallions who will stand calmly and tolerate, even enjoy, being loved on and groomed by 12 strangers, most of whom are young children.

Anna-Frances loved him.  She was constantly begging to sit on or hit pet him.  He was fully aware of her presence up there, but just let her do whatever she wanted.

Jesse's owner and trainer have been so kind, helpful and informative.  I learned so much during my visit and phone conversations.

Daddy and Mr. Tony in some deep conversation...
I asked if it would be okay for me to ride Jesse, and the answer was a resounding "Yes!"  Mr. Tony walked us through tacking him up, and brief groundwork before mounting.

He gave a (very short) demonstration, and then...

It was my turn!

I got my first real riding lesson.  (I didn't exactly cover myself with glory, as I have a very bad tendency to misunderstand instructions...)

After the first couple minutes though, I started understanding more what I was supposed to be doing.

Bo was a natural.

Justice...  Needs a few more lessons.  :)

Farrah is always graceful on horseback.

And even Daddy rode!  So did William, but I don't have a picture of him.

April means spring, and lots of yard work!  We have been landscaping and gardening.  These boys are becoming Mama's landscape crew, under Bo's direction.

The 37th Annual Wild Hog Canoe Race

This race is a fundraiser for LARC (Levy County Assn. of Retarded Citizens).  Evan first participated last year, with Mr. H. from church, and this year he went with Andrei, also a friend from church.

Bo and Mrs. E. boiling peanuts.

"Who's that handsome fella in the orange "ICS" shirt?"  Why, it's Justice!

Austin and his father "Dashed" for second place in the Parent/ Youth class!
Here comes "Team ICS"!  Evan and Andrei took 4th place.  Possibly they would have done better, but Andrei got bad stomach cramps about a third of the way into the race.

 Evan edited this photo a little...

All the boats have to go over two logs, then cross the finish line with both racers in them.

The M. brothers...

Now, I really don't know who these guys are, but the pictures are too funny not to post.


"Uh oh..."

"Hey!  Over the log, not under the water!"

They took first place in the "Submarine class".  :)   Actually, they took fifth in Recreation, the same class Evan was in.
Cousins and Mamaw...

Farrah and I worked in the food line.  By the end of the day, I had served many gallons of baked beans and green beans.

Evan's partner from last year, and his wife.  They did well!  (But she says that Evan will need to go with her husband next year; she'll keep the children!)

Evan and Andrei with their fourth place paddle trophies.

Our church also celebrated its 40th anniversary.  Pastor Harding has been with the church ever since the first service, and Faith Baptist Tabernacle is a continuing testimony of the Lord's blessing, and is an oasis in the desert.

May has come now, with its challenges and delights, and we have been just as busy as last month.  But that is material for another blog post!

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