Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surprise, surprise! (Or, "Woohoo! We have triplets!)

I thought I was so well prepared for Nelly this time.  No way was that sneaky ol' goat going to kid without me there by her.  But...  I was so convinced I had her figured out that I missed it again.  That's right- while I thought I was waiting on her, she quietly kidded out in the barn with Mabel and Freda.  I went out to feed her a carrot, and discovered that she had three kids with her.  Talk about surprised...

We took them up to the house so we could blow-dry the kids, since the weather was freezing.  Kep, Fannie and the other goats were all very interested in the new arrivals, and so was Flavia (the cat), but Nelly chased her off.  Now they're back in the barn, wearing little sweaters to help keep them warm, with a happy and protective mama to guard them.  There is one buckling, and the other two are doelings.  I was really hoping for a couple of doelings, and the Lord gave them to me.  The buckling is great too- I'm sure he will make an excellent herd sire for someone.  Praise the Lord!

This is the buckling in his sweater.  (The doelings have flowers on theirs.)

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  1. Just stumbled across your posts on youtube (waiting for my own does to kid) and I so enjoyed watching you interact with the goats and the children. I especially liked the way you posted "corrections" afterward... if someone as natural around a goat as you is still learning, I'm encouraged that I'll keep progressing as well. And on one of the does, I could feel the ligaments -- saying they're like pencils was really helpful. The other doe has a heavier layer of fat, also more hair, so I couldn't feel anything. Thank you so much for posting and blogging! (Anonymous only because I'm not as brave as you about being known on the internet - this is a first for me even to post anything, but I just wanted to say thank you!)