Monday, June 16, 2014

May with the Feldmans

It seems that I live in a constant state of trying to catch up on blogging.  We have been so busy for so long, and I'm beginning to realize that this is a new way of life for us now.  May is usually a busy month for us anyway though, since we have four birthdays to celebrate:  Evan's & Justice's, Anna-Frances', and Farrah's.
For Evan's and Justice's birthday, we canoed down the Waccasassa  river.  It was a lot of fun, and wonderful exercise.  It was also interesting fitting 11 people into three canoes.  Daddy and Anna-Frances took the van around to the finish point, and waited for us there.

Evan and Justice are twins- 11 years apart!

Evan has been such a blessing.  He has really matured a lot, and is so sweet to the rest of us (well, most of the time.)  We loved going down the river with him.  He worked so hard for it, and genuinely enjoyed our pleasure in the outing.  He's resourceful, and tries very hard to be a good big brother.  I especially appreciate the good relationship he has with Daddy.  In a day when so many, if not most, young men have little to no relationship with their fathers, it is rare to find one who looks up to, loves, and honors his father as Evan does.

Justice is so special too.  He has to miss out on many treats and parts of meals because of food allergies, but he usually has such a good attitude, even when the rest of us eat a really special desert and he has to skip it, or have something not as good.  He also is such good buddies with his younger siblings, and especially is tender to Anna-Frances.  He also loves to help in the kitchen.  Maybe he will be a gluten-free, gourmet chef!

After loading up and driving to the locality of our starting point, we realized that we didn't know how to get there, since the usual road was closed.  Evan started making phone calls to find a different way in, and each person referred him to someone else.  Finally, we were directed to another road, which eventually took us to Brooker bridge.

Savana and Anna-Frances on the bridge.

Our original plan was to just paddle around the launching area with Emaline and Russell, then leave them with Daddy while we paddled down the river, but we decided instead to take them along.

The tired and happy paddlers at the finish point.

Farrah made these two amazing cakes for the boys.  Justice's is gluten free.

We also stayed at Mamaw's and Bompa's house for a week, while they were in Tampa.  While there, we visited the beach, which is a rare treat.

Fiddler crabs must be among the funniest creatures the Lord created.  Emaline loved catching them, and at one point had collected about thirty.  (We released them very quickly.)  We did a little research on them, and found that they like to try on new shells, and will sometimes scamper from shell to shell, trying each one on.  We also observed needle fish apparently having a stick-jumping competition.  I would toss a small stick in the water, and one fish after another would come jump over it.  God really has a sense of humor!

(Photo taken with Mama's phone...)
When we got home, I was able to catch up on some farm chores.  The biggest one was shearing Winnie.

And....  I bought a ram to keep her company.  :)
 This is Angus.  He's still quite young, but I really like him.

 Anna-Frances turned one year old!  She is such a cute and hilarious little bundle of joy.  She is starting to talk, and is actually making herself understood sometimes.  Usually she invents her own words though, so it is a bit difficult!  She loves to eat, and can pack away an amazing amount of her favorite foods.  She also loves the animals, including Fannie, and has occasionally ridden a little bit already.  I am so thankful for her, even when she is making messes right and left!

We also picked 254 pounds of blueberries.  There is a huge blueberry field near us which is opened up for free picking one weekend every year.  We went there on Saturday morning, and came back a couple hours later with all these blueberries.  This is just one of pile of bags.


Farrah turned 17 this past month too!  I have been realizing that she is growing up, and appreciating her more and more.  It seems like every day I recognize more what a special young lady she is.  Her desire to serve and please the Lord is evident, and she is very encouraging to me.
Farrah and Savana are almost like twins!  I couldn't find a good picture of Farrah without Savana in it too!
Anna-Frances reaction to the kid licking her face.
The last important event of the month was the birth of Mabel's triplets!  There are two bucks and one doe.  (The white kid is the doe.)   All went well, and I am staying busier than ever with the animals.  But it is a blessing to be busy!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven...

He hath made everything beautiful in his time...

And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11, and 13

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