Friday, October 12, 2012

Day at Legoland

A couple weeks ago, our family took a fun trip with some friends to Legoland, a theme park in the Orlando area.  It was a lot of fun, and Savana took many photos of the day.

     We left the house before 7:00 AM, so that we could get through Orlando before rush-hour traffic.  For a special treat, Daddy took us by Dunkin' Donuts, and picked up some donuts and coffee for us.

     In a parking lot a short distance from the gate, we met our friends who invited us to come.

There were a few minutes of greeting and chatting, then we loaded back up and headed over to the entrance.

The entrance was pretty elaborate.  We had to wait outside for a short time while Mr. K. got the tickets for everyone.

Daddy grew up near several amusement parks in KY, and the K's did in Orlando, so they took us straight to the roller-coasters, knowing that later on there would be long lines in front of them.  Savana still found time to take a couple photos of Mini-land on the way there though.

The detail they put into everything was amazing.

A beautiful waterfall that was part of the old Cyprus Gardens.
Left back:  Farrah, RB: Justice.  Left front:  William, RF: Sean K.
I went on this roller-coaster, and immediately remembered how much I dislike them.  Unfortunately, it was almost identical to the very first one I ever rode (which was, with one exception, also the last) and which gave me a seemingly permanent fear of them.  I am not a roller-coaster fan, but later that day Farrah and Evan persuaded me to ride another (an old wooden one- couldn't help but wonder what would happen if one of those old timbers broke...) and all the way home it felt just like I was riding one.  It was sort of fun though...

The "Flying School".  (I didn't go... the first roller-coaster was enough for me at the time.)
Evan with his new car  :)

After the Flying School, we were off to the Driving School, and then the Boating School.
All the Lego creations were amazing.  It must have taken a lot of time to put them together.

This was a play are designed for younger children, but we all enjoyed shooting each other with the soft foam balls.

We had a tasty picnic lunch on the grass just outside the entrance, since we weren't allowed to take coolers into the park.

Russell gravely dissecting his sandwich.
After lunch, everyone headed to the large merry-go-round in the front of the park.  We all rode it... (Someone had to take care of all those little guys ya' know!)

Then we went to the greenhouse...

Then the "Island in the Sky".  It was slightly terrifying... Especially when I heard that it "has been a feature in the skyline for over three decades."  150 feet in a rotating pavilion on the end of a boom arm is higher than I cared for.  But the view was neat.

Later, Mama, Farrah, Savana, Russell and I walked over to the old Cyprus Gardens section of the park.  It was beautiful.

This was an enormous banyan tree, planted by the first owner of the place.
After we left the park, our friends took us out for pizza, and then it was time to say goodbye and head home.  We had a great day, and spent it with some great friends!

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  1. Savana captured such a wonderful day! Her photos are always a joy to look at. ;) We also went to Legoland this year {It was a Homeschool discount day!} and your post reminds me of that fun memory... the fast roller coasters {and my thoughts were the exact same as yours about the wooden one!} the beautiful gardens, the creative lego creations... it is indeed a wonderful park!

    May you have a truly blessed December day!