Saturday, October 27, 2012

Creation vs. Evolution: Part 4- Survival of the Fittest and Sin

Z: Survival of the Fittest. One of the basic terms in the evolutionary process. Basically meaning, “Whoever was the fittest survived.” (Not hard to understand, is it?) My question to you is, why, if God knew that different species would fail to survive and become extinct, why did he even create them in the beginning? If, like the dodo, animals would die and never be seen again, why did God even let those animals come into existence? “Extinction—the complete dying out of a species—is a normal occurrence in nature. Most species that have ever existed are now extinct.” (Encyclopedia of Animals, p. 22) Why did God allow those animals even to survive? Unless he, in evolution, just let some parts of it go wherever it took those animals, perhaps God changed it a little bit to make it better, but then left that family of animals to then die out? If we take the literal view of creation, why did God create those
animals that had no chance to survive?

Did you ever read this verse in Proverbs: (Pro. 16:4) “The Lord has made all for Himself, Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom”? God made all things for His own glory, including the dodo. He shows His creativity in the many different creatures He made, extinct or not. And this bird would have lived just fine if it hadn’t been for man’s sin. God says that death is the result of sin, therefore, if man hadn’t sinned then there wouldn’t be any death, and this bird would be alive and well today. Also, many creatures went extinct because of the Flood. This catastrophic event changed the world completely and forever. Most creation scientists agree that the entire Earth was once tropical. Perhaps although the dodo was on the ark, since God said two of every creature, it was unable to live in the changed earth, and therefore went extinct.
And “survival of the fittest” completely totals the idea of the creation days being millions of years. As I’ve said before, if each day was millions of years, during which evolution was going on, then death would be normal, not a result of sin, and there would be no need for a Savior from sin. In other words, since “survival of the fittest” is a necessary part of evolution, and death is a necessary part of “S.O.F.”, then if we believe what the Bible says about death being the consequence of sin, then man had to sin before he evolved through “S.O.F.”. Of course there’s an obvious problem. How could man sin if he hadn’t yet evolved? So man couldn’t sin until he evolved, but couldn’t evolve until he’d sinned. Or all the verses in the Bible about death being the punishment of sin are lies.

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