Saturday, October 20, 2012

1 X 1 = 3?

Anybody who knows anything about math will tell  you that 1 x 1 does not equal 3.  But then, most people don't raise goats.  For, you see, in the goat world:





 Yesterday, around noon, I put Nelly in the stall, as she was full-term on her pregnancy, and looked like she might be going into labor.  The day dragged on, and I could see that she was definitely in early labor- laying down, getting up, pawing the ground, walking around the stall, then laying down, getting up again, etc.  Night came, and still no kids.

We (Farrah, Savana and I) sat in the stall for a long time last night, and even considered sleeping in the barn so we wouldn't miss out on the birth, but to no avail.  We finally went inside for the night.  I checked on her at about 3:20 AM, and she seemed the same as before. 
Finally, at 6:30, Savana and LilyAnn woke up, and woke Farrah and I up with the news that Daddy said there was a surprise in the barn.  Sure enough, Nelly had kidded.

That wasn't the surprise.  The surprise was how many kids- she had given birth to triplets!  Better yet, all three were doelings!  This is such a blessing from the Lord!  We were (are) so excited!

(An interesting note:  This is Nelly's second time kidding.  The first time she had twin doelings, making a total number of 5 doelings out of two pregnancies!)


  1. Congrats on those three adorable little doelings! I hope they all grow up healthy and strong. :)

  2. How sweet! It must have been such an exciting experience... holding the sweet lil' thinga and cherishing the beauty of life. ;)

    It was such a joy to visit with you and your family the other night. Your conversation refreshed my spirit and encouraged me immensely. I smile as I look back on that time. ;)

    May you have a blessed fall day!

    In Christ,