Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day at Blue Spring!

For Bo's birthday we took a trip to Bronson Blue Spring.  It was so much fun!  It is so much more enjoyable to swim in a spring than in a pool (though pools are fun too!)  There was a large shallow area for the younger ones to splash around in, as well as the deeper part around the boil for those who enjoy diving.  A diving platform made it even better, and we were almost the only ones there.

Here are some pictures from our day!




Our favorite sequence of pictures of the day...  

Note Daddy's actions- it was his idea to have everyone jump at the same time...
  and wave to the camera while in the air. 

 But...  Daddy apparently never planned to get wet!

"It worked!"
 Look at his face!

"Hey, Daddy!"  "What happened?"  "Huh?" (Etc...)
"Great jump!"

 There are consequences to faking the jump...

 And consequences to throwing Daddy in the water!

(Daddy didn't mind- he rather likes it when we push him in!)

See ya' later!

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