Monday, January 17, 2011

Trip to Port...

So, yesterday Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Schmidt, JoHannah, Caleb, Betty and I went into Port-Au-Prince(hereafter known as Port).  We were taking Caleb to have an EEG (Electroencephalography- I fail to see how they got EEG out of that impossible word... for inquiring minds, here's the Wikipedia article about it:  We had this done so that hopefully we will understand how much he is able to sense things going on around him.  When we eventually got to the office (a matter of no small difficulty owing to the heavy traffic) Mrs. S. and I went in with Caleb, while Mr. S. stayed with JoHannah and Betty in the car.
  When we entered the office, we were about the only people in it, which meant that we wouldn't have to wait behind a long line, which was something I had been afraid of.  Mrs. Schmidt filled out the paperwork, while holding Caleb.  As she was explaining the way he acted while having a seizure, he had one.  It wasn't really severe, but it scared him.  He usually calms down pretty quickly though, when we comfort him. 
     The lady who took the paperwork gave him some medicine to put him to sleep, and then as we waited, she told us that we'd need to cut his hair.  That was interesting.  It was about an inch long, was very thick and curly, and we only had her desk scissors to cut it with.  At first Mrs. Schmidt asked me if I wanted to, but as I'm not renowned for great talent in cutting hair, I held Caleb instead.  When she was done, I held him for a bit longer, and then he finally fell asleep.  Soon it was our turn, and Mrs. Schmidt took him into the room where they do the test.  I wasn't allowed in, but she told me that they put 23 electrodes on his head, and seemed to shock him about five times.  We still haven't gotten the results, but he's been having more seizures, even though we're giving him more preventative medicine than before.  Please pray for him.

On the way out, we saw the site of the mass grave in which they had buried the people killed by the earthquake.  There had apparently been a memorial gathering held at this site on the 12th, the anniversary of the earthquake.  There was an arch set up, and a walkway, so that people could climb the hill, and look down on the site.  It was sobering to realize how many people were killed in just a few seconds, and to reflect on how fleeting life is.


  1. You are really brave! I would probably have a hard time handling that.

  2. i can't imagine seeing the would be such a thought-provoking sight. life really is but a breath

  3. Thank you, Alayna, for updating! We will pray for little Caleb about the seizures. It's a blessing knowing how to pray for you and the work in Haiti.

  4. Hello Alayna,
    It is so good to read your blog and see how you are laboring for the Lord! Thank you for all of the great posts so that we know how to pray for you! The Hope family is praying for you and everyone there every night. May God continue to bless your hands.
    Mrs. Hope for the Hope Family

  5. Continuing to pray for you and the Lord's provisions while serving in Haiti...

    Seizures are a frightening and most of the time unexpected event...our little K had 3 when she was 18 months young. Knowing the Lord is present and trusting He will provide answers and aide is something we were so grateful for. It was such a comfort and encouragement to us to know His people were praying for her during that time...the prayers of the righteous avail much. Praying for Caleb and the Schmidt's...

    Thank you for your posts and helping to keep us all connected on how to pray ~

    Blessings and prayers ~

    Mrs. Smith

    P.S. You remain on our prayer board and we continue to lift you up during our family worship time each evening.