Thursday, March 14, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

I know it's been a while since I've posted... Once more I have to apologize for not being more consistent with this poor little blog.  We have been very busy (when are we not!) and have made quite a bit of progress.  We are fully moved into our new house now!

Here are a few pictures that Savana took, showing some of our recent activities.

This was a great accomplishment for Bo- chopping down a tree, by himself, with his ax!
He and William cut it up with some help from Colin, a friend from Canada who's down for the winter with his family (they go to our church when they are down here).

Evan has been doing a lot of this lately...

And I've been doing a lot of this!  (Evan usually milks Blossom in the morning, but since she has decided that she really doesn't like him milking her unless she's in a stanchion, I have been doing the milking every morning.  It's not a problem, but I won't be sorry when we get the stanchion built in the new milking shed!)  And I know, my costume is a little on the remarkable side, but it's because the weather was so cold!  (At least for FL!)

William has been working quite a bit outside!  (Along with the other boys (and girls!)

Bompa is helping us build (okay, is building for us!) a new goat shed- excuse me- a certain cow-loving sibling of mine objects to the name "goat shed"- it is the milking shed!

Mr. Meyers kindly mowed the whole property for us, and also tilled up the garden plot.

And Farrah and Savana have been sewing almost incessantly...  (This isn't at our house, Savana took this picture while they were helping some girls at church to sew diapers for the orphan children in Haiti.)
And I have also been doing a lot of this:  puppy care!  (I'm giving them de-wormer in this picture.)

This one is going to be a real handful- thankfully she's going to a lady who will be well able to take care of her!
She seemed determined to strangle me here- look at that face!

Photo credit:  ME! (for once :)  Savana thought I looked hilarious taking this photo, that's why she is laughing so hard.

I hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of our life over the last few weeks!  I'm hoping to post my first story next week sometime- probably with fear and trembling :) but I know that it will be read by a partial audience.  Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words!


  1. Mr. Hope and I enjoyed seeing and hearing all about what the Feldmans have been doing. Thanks for posting. We miss y'all!
    Mrs. Hope

    1. Hi Mrs. Hope! Thank you for your sweet comment. We miss you too.

  2. What a sweet post Alayna! Sharing of all the diligent work that your family is doing together to cultivate your new home... each little touch making it homier! {If that's a word...;) } The puppies are getting so big, and ever more adorable! They are so cute! Savana is doing a wonderful job in photographing your recent season of life... thank you for sharing!