Friday, September 14, 2012

A quick (and much needed) catch-up post

Hello everybody!  Sorry for the lack of posts around here lately...  it probably gets rather boring following a blog that never gets updated.  Part of the reason is that we have been very busy (as usual), and also that I have been working on another blog:  Chicken Scraps Blog.  This is a sort of farm blog/ website, and is where I'll be posting farm news, recipes, tips, etc.  I've wanted to do something like this for a while, and am pretty excited about it.  Hopefully though, I'll be able to balance posting on that blog, and also this, so that neither gets neglected.

     Another reason I haven't posted a whole lot on here is because I didn't feel that I had much worth posting.  Not being a photographer, I couldn't very well post a lot of photos, and didn't make a priority of keeping this blog up to date.  That's about to change now though- for the next few weeks I'll be posting on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution (always a favorite topic of mine).  I'll explain a little more about this series at the beginning of it.

     And now for a quick update on what I and my family have been up to:

     Our family recently implemented a new schedule, so our days are better organized than before.  This schedule has me helping my siblings with school part of the morning, and leaves me more free-time than I had before.  (Not that I didn't have free-time before, just it wasn't very structured, as managing time is a skill that I need to work on.)

     Daddy and Evan started a new business:  Internet Computer Services.  They sell and install high-speed satellite internet, build and fix computers, and also build websites.  The Lord has blessed Evan with the ability to figure out computers, laptops, cell-phones, tablets, and technology in general.  He is certified, and has apprenticed with a computer repair store in Ormond, as well as continually researching on his own.  Daddy is good at sales, and managing finances and paperwork, so they make a good team.  This new business is a blessing- not only because it helps provide for our family, but also because it is a wonderful opportunity for Evan and Daddy to work together.  So far they have made quite a few internet sales, and Evan has fixed a lot of computers.  (Incidentally, the younger ones in our family have gotten to know every UPS driver who delivers to our area because of all the satellite dish deliveries.  :)

     I turned 19 in August.  My family made sure that I had a wonderful day, well actually, a wonderful three days, of celebration.  There were several surprises, including a treasure hunt, an ice-cream cake, and a surprise visit from my grand-parents.

Me with Tammy, our neighbor's horse which I train and ride.

     Savana is working on improving her photography skills, so I had to submit to a photo shoot,  which involved lounging in soft, green, grass, climbing a tree, and smiling for the camera a lot.  (She posted a lot of the pictures she took on our family blog.

     Bo also had a birthday.  He is quite the inventor,  or perhaps I ought to say, the innovator.  He can improvise almost anything to work on his various projects.  The latest thing he has started working on is solar power.  (Some of his other interests this year have included:  raising laying pullets for sale so that he'll have some more pocket money, growing tomatoes, echinacea, or cosmos for the same purpose, flying airplanes, building rockets, and assembling satellite dishes.  There are probably a few others, but I can't remember them right now.

Bo with a satellite dish he assembled for Daddy and Evan.
      Lately, he has discovered a few things:  a) He wants to be a pilot, b) he can earn a little money by assembling satellite dishes, and c) a wood-burning pen makes a pretty good soldering iron.  He never ceases to amaze (and sometimes, frighten) me with the various things he comes up with.

     Well, I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into the past few months of our lives!


  1. Exciting days around the Feldman home! Much entrepeneuring skills in the midst from the sounds of it...

    Your upcoming series sounds like a good one...looking forward to reading your posts.


    Mrs. Smith

  2. These days have indeed been busy for all of us! I enjoyed reading the joys that have filled your days, and of how your family is thriving and learning new skills and embracing new adventures. :)

    May the Lord fill your day with His love!