Wednesday, August 1, 2012

They're here!

Well, it has been way too long since I've posted on here, and I'll need to do some catch-up posts (hopefully during the coming week or two), but just now I wanted to publish the latest news from the Feldman Family Farm:

We have some new arrivals!
Here they are...
What a happy Mama!

Sorry for the poor photo- low light + not-so-good zoom= not the best photo...

The daddy is our neighbor's sweet Chocolate lab, Maverick.  Inez is the mama, and is our family farm dog.  She is super sweet to people and our animals, but does an amazing job guarding the farm from predators.  

We knew that Inez would be having the puppies soon, and so have been trying to keep her locked up in the stall of our barn as she isn't very choosey where she whelps.  In fact, last time it was a mud hole in the woods, five or six feet back in thornbushes, which yours truly had to chop with a matchete and then crawl through to get them out (Evan wasn't home or he would have done it).  Unfortunately, she escaped from the stall even though I thought she was secured, and dug under the house to whelp.  We had been away from the house, and when we returned, and I saw she was gone, we started hunting.  We searched for a good hour before a severe thunderstorm drove us back.  (I got in last- soaked through and rather alarmed by the nearby lightning, blinding rain and crashing thunder.)  We then waited on the deck for the storm to blow over.  It seemed to have done so and we were just heading out again, when there was another flash, and the loudest crash of thunder yet convinced that it was still not time to leave the deck.  (Mama says that she felt the electricity from the bolt, but I and the others waiting on the deck did not.)

Finally, the storm seemed to have settled down enough, and we were just starting off again when I heard a soft whimpering and mewing from under the house.  It was the puppies!  So finally, after we pulled up part of the siding, our search ended almost directly beneath our feet.  The amazing thing was that this was a distinct answer to prayer- just 5-10 minutes before I had been praying that the Lord would protect Inez and her babies, and lead us directly to them.  And He most certainly did.

This is Inez's largest litter yet- 8 puppies total.  There are two white ones (both females), and six black ones (4 females and two males).  These puppies will be for sale for $200 each.  They will be ready for their new homes when they are eight weeks old.  If you would like to give a home to one of these wonderful pups, please contact me at  A special discount may be available to my faithful blog readers, who joined at least one month previous to the puppies birth.
 Below are some photos of puppies from her previous litters.  They are full siblings with these pups.

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  1. Oh, how adorable! These puppies are so sweet, and a beautiful reminder of the Lord's gift of life. Rejoicing with you...


    {It was so nice to visit with you today!}