Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home again!

Well, I'm finally home again.  The plane ride went well, and I got through security and customs just fine.  It is so good to be back.  It feels like I've been gone a year.  Everything is older and, in many cases, much bigger than when I left.  Those little eight week old pullets are now half- grown chickens, the calf is a lot bigger, and Russel seems to have about doubled his size.  I and my family are very thankful and happy that I'm home again.
     I am glad that I went to Haiti.  I saw the conditions first hand that so many people worldwide live in, and this has made me even more thankful that I live in America.  Not only because of the comforts, and ready availability of the necessities of life, but also because life here is far more stable than there.  Although we sometimes may find the multitude of laws here to be oppressive, it is a blessing to have many of them.  Like traffic laws.  While I was there I didn't see a single speed limit sign, only about four stop lights, and if people here drove the way they do there, everyone would be in jail for reckless driving.  Also, the Schmidts had difficulties planning for teams, because of the elections, and potential violence that could ensue over them.  So, an increased thankfulness for the privilege of living in America is one benefit I derived from my trip. 
     I will be staying in touch with the Schmidts, and will continue to post on here about them from time to time.  From now on though, this blog will probably be about home life- our activities, joys, sorrows, etc... 

     If you wish to support the Schmidts or sponsor one of the children* you can go to the Haiti section of the Harvest International website.  This is the ministry that they are affiliated with, and on the site you can see some more basic info about them, read Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt's testimonies, and make a donation if you wish.

Also, for more info and continuing news about the Schmidts, here is JoHannah's blog

     Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.  Please continue to pray for the Schmidts as they serve the Lord there in Haiti.

*Note:  Betty cannot be sponsored because she is actually from a different orphanage- the Schmidts are just taking care of her for them, sort of like a foster home.  She is in the process of being adopted.

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  1. Glad that you got home safely! It has been such a blessing to read along with you as you have gone to Haiti and served with a joyful heart. May the Lord bless you and your sweet family.~

    In Christ,