Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another day at the beach...

We spent a couple of hours today at a very nice beach with Mr. Sam.  He called Mr. Schmidt this morning and invited us.  It was a little bit difficult to access, but was worth it.  Once more, the locals seemed to think that we were some type of traveling show for their especial benefit- they hung around and watched us and asked questions the whole time we were there.  Here are some photos.

The locals made themselves right at home with us...

These children were chasing and killing crabs.  I'm not sure why, it didn't look like they were doing anything with them.

It was funny watching them throughout the day though.


  1. Oh, that water looks so refeshing and beautiful! I am glad that you were blessed to be able to enjoy one of God's wonderful creations. Many Blessings!

    ~Shannon Fitzgerald~

  2. oh, its soooo beautiful! i wish i could experience it person with you. its great that you have such a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful beach. The Hope Family is praying for you everyday.
    The Hopes