Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Snapshots from Our Vacation, 2016

We left for Kentucky and Michigan on June 29th, 2016, at about 1:30 AM.  We don't normally leave that early, but my aunt and her family were leaving the next day (well, really the same day, since it was after midnight) for New Mexico, and we were helping them finish packing and loading their van.
We made it to Kentucky around 3:30, June 29th.

"I'm so happy to be out of my car seat!  That was a long ride!" 

We had some great cornhole games!  I was on Evan's team.  One of us did really well...  Can you guess which?  :)
(Hint, not me!)

Then after a night's rest, we were bound for Michigan!
(Also known as the "Promised Land".  Depends on who you talk to...

And, as previously announced, while we were there a very special promise was made...

For some people, even butchering almost 400 chickens can be a joy. 

Enjoying the miracle of new life (in this case, purebred Australian Shepherd puppies).
(Check out Joanna's website:

We had a fun trip to the giant sand dunes on Lake Michigan and Silver Lake.

When you are five and three, the definition of fun definitely includes getting really, really dirty!
(I think Russell was feeling the need for a nap though.  All that fun made him really sleepy!)

And picked cherries...

Lots and lots and lots of cherries... 

Back to Kentucky...

More cornhole...

PaPa was referee.

And Chik-fil-A's national Cow Appreciation Day happened to be while we were there, so of course, we all decided to dress up, and the whole herd of us stampeded (in a very orderly fashion) into the restaurant.

Yours truly with a couple of "calves".

We ladies went fabric shopping.  Can you guess why we were looking at lace and satin?

We went bowling for the first time ever.  Russell was really fun to watch, as he always bowled himself down the alley along with the ball.

Then he would sit in the alley and watch to see what success he had.

I think Emaline giggled the whole time!  She was fun to watch!

Mr. Cute.

Then we backtracked to Indiana to visit long-time friends.  It felt like coming home after being gone for a long, long time.

We had so much fun in this pond when we were younger, and now the younger set get to enjoy it too.

Catching up...

Yes, I am still having fun in the pond!  (You know, someone has to keep an eye on those younger ones!)
I had help getting in the water (read "strong, sudden, physically forceful "encouragement" from behind on the dock)!

My lovely Mama had a birthday on our trip.

It is always hard to say goodbye, but...

It felt so good to be back on our way home!

Duncan is the puppy on the ground, under my hand.

But before we got home, we picked up my new puppy, Duncan!  He is a Border Collie, and will be my stud dog and farm helper.  (For more info about Duncan, please check out my farm blog.)

Then one last stop with family in Fayetteville, GA.  Grammy, Uncle Lyle and Aunt Mandy were so sweet to take us on short notice, and keep us all overnight, plus providing an ice cream bar and a waffle/ pancake breakfast the next morning.
Thank you!  We had a great time!

It sure felt good to get back home and back to routine!  There was a lot to catch up on, and now with planning for Farrah's wedding in November there is even more, but there truly is no place like home, and it is a blessing to be busy.  We are thankful for a great vacation, and lots of good time spent with family and friends.

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