Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book Review: Mignonette, by Agnes Giberne

Mignonette, by Agnes Giberne
Rating:  8 out of 10 stars.

     Ina Mignon, more familiarly known as Mignonette, has grown up in a Brussels boarding school under the care of a kind headmistress, since her father died suddenly without leaving directions regarding her.  In England, her uncle and his family are entirely unaware of her existence, until an accidental mention leads to her discovery.

     She is brought over to England, and welcomed into the family at once; her sweet spirit and loving heart making room for her even with the somewhat bitter grandmother, and the grief-stricken Antonia, her cousin near her own age.  Mignonette is happy and content in her uncle's family, with her four cousins, Aubrey, Cyril, Antonia and Guy, until she accidentally overhears some conversation regarding her father and her uncle, which shows her that somewhere in the history of their relationship, one of them had greatly wronged the other.  What had happened?  Whose fault was it?  Should she continue to live with her uncle?  These questions assail her, and threaten to sap her joy, but through it all, she continues to trust in God, and even in the midst of her confusion and trouble, her loving spirit still blesses those around her.
     At last, the difficulty is cleared up, and- well, I won't tell you the end.  You will have to read the book yourself to find out.

My thoughts:

     Mignonette is a wonderful example of a sweet girl who places others before herself.  While this book may not show stellar literary talent, it is well written and a truly encouraging and inspiring story.

Available on Google Books:  Mignonette

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