Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snapshots of Family Life on the Feldman Farm

It's beginning to feel like spring outside, and we are all catching spring fever!  Farrah and LilyAnn have quite a few vegetables planted in their gardens, and the grass is starting to grow again in the pastures (very important when you have animals).  I have been taking the younger ones outside and doing some farm work lately:  cleaning the stall, spreading manure in the pastures, raking leaves for the pig, etc.

Yesterday I took Emaline, Russell and Anna-Frances outside to rake leaves.  We were putting them in the pig pen for our new piglet to root in, mulch up, and compost.  (Pigs make the best compost machines.)

Russell and Anna-Frances transporting the leaf carrier.

 What good helpers!

 "Look Alayna, I'm getting leaves too!"
 "Whew, that was hard!  I need a break..."
 "I'm helping Emaline carry the rake!"
 "Oh no!  We're being charged by a bandit on a bicycle!"

 The leaves can wait...  It's time to explore the brush pile.

Emaline, Anna-Frances and I got to work raking, while Russell was still on top of the pile.  When I called him, he hollered out that he couldn't come.  I asked why, and he said:  "My pants are stuck!"
But by the time I got over there to release him, he had gotten un-stuck and was halfway down the pile.

Emaline and Anna-Frances helping me carry the leaves back to the pig pen.

And finally, the reward of all that hard work:


Kep, Ph.D. and Inez, PGD (Professional herding Dog and Professional Guard Dog) check out the newcomer.

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