Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Construction, Cooking, and Competition

Beginning operations...

Sometimes we enlist guests who are just coming to watch!

Even Russell got to help screw down boards.
The little queen inspecting.
"Joshua, this deck doesn't pass; the cracks are too big!"

"What are you doing up there?"

"Who?  Me?"

Math class....

Time to raise the framework of the roof.

"Please don't swallow any screws!"

All hands on roof!

The cleanup crew.  (Will work for rubber bands!)

This crew member came all the way from Canada.  :)  Looks like William is a little tired...

"You dropped a screw!"

The set of steps leading to the garden.

All done!

Cooking for everyone was quite a job, but Farrah and Mama kept us all well fed.

She had some help with all that cooking.

Time for volleyball and soccer!

The games were rather intense.  (In case you can't tell)...

Praise the Lord for good fellowship, a beautiful new deck, and no serious injuries!

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