Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frosty Fun with the Frozen Feldmans in Florida...

Tuesday morning, about 7:00, this is what our back yard looked like.

 And the front yard...

 The rose bushes were covered with beautiful, delicate frost.

 Amazingly, once it melted, they kept right on blooming as though frost didn't even exist.
 This flower bed is under construction.

 This is about the closest we can get to snow in Florida.  Some of us took trash can lids and tried "sledding" down our neighbor's hill.  (Sadly, it didn't work.)
 Frozen Fannie was frosty.

 So was Chip; so he comforted himself by eating more hay.
 And of course, the frosty background was perfect for modeling my goat sweaters.

On mornings like these, wood-burning stoves are such a blessing!  (The fan behind circulates the warm air.)

Couch conversation.

 Little Missy warming up by the fire (under very close supervision!)
"What's baking?"

"Oh, that's what was baking- a giant chocolate chip cookie!"

Justice cutting up olives for pizza.

Emaline melting chocolate.

The head chef directing operations.

And the entertainer is, well, entertaining!

"Need some kidney beans?  They are pretty good..."

"Oh well, guess not."

William and Emaline decorating the giant birthday cookie.  What good kitchen helpers!

Fresh coffee delivery to Daddy and Mr. Meyers outside.

What better lunch for a birthday than fresh, homemade pizza?  Farrah makes amazing pizza, and LilyAnn's salad was the perfect side.

Happy Birthday Mamaw!

Yes, the frozen (now thawed) Feldmans in Florida had some frosty fun, and some not-so-frosty fun, working and playing together!

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31


  1. Yes we are having cool weather up here also.
    Fanny and Chip do look frosty!

    The fire light looks delightful and, mmm the birthday cake looks yummy!

    I'm sure the M&M's were the first thing to be eaten by the little guys!!! :)

    Pressing on,
    Colin Limbeek

  2. How fun! Its the simple things which bring us some of the greatest joys.... frost on sleeping flower buds, pretending to have a winter wonderland, warming up by the stove, and the bundling up with the warmth of each other's love. Simply love everything winter brings!

    Well captured <3