Saturday, June 15, 2013

And with fear and trembling I...

     Post part 1 of my latest writing project!  This was originally supposed to be a short story for my blog, but it has been sort of growing...  At the rate I'm writing it's writing itself :)  it will be a full length book by the time I am through with it.  I am fully aware that this chapter is more of an introduction into the rest of the story, but I hope you still enjoy it.  May the Lord use it to bless and encourage at least one person who reads it.  After all, it's not about me, but about Him!  All glory to God!

The below link takes you to a Google docs version of it.  If you want PDF shoot me an email (or comment) and I will send you one.  Enjoy!

Journeying in the Light. Part I

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  1. What a fascinating, Christ-exalting first part! I look forward to reading more. The Lord has gifted you in writing, and how wonderful that you use it for His glory! I'm praying blessings on this endeavor!
    Love to you,
    a *big* fan of your blog whose reading thereof needn't cause you fear and trembling =)