Friday, May 17, 2013

A Busy (And Exciting) Few Days

Well, it looks like my resolution to blog once a week has gone down the drain already, at least, for a while.  The last few days have been very busy.  First, we finally have a new, and good, schedule.  That's great, the one difficulty for me is the manager.  Since Mama will be resting a lot after having the baby, someone else has to keep things moving, and it's not Daddy; he will be working.  So, guess who will be doing it- that's right- yours truly!  Actually I am glad for the experience and good education it gives me, but I'm not sure my siblings are.  :-)

     Then, we have been advertising our "farm help and services- from fencing to computer repair" and trying to generate some income that way.  It's really neat dealing with different people and discerning if we can do what they need help with, and working out pricing.  Since I'm the main one doing that it takes up a good bit of time- posting ads on Craigslist, working on my farm blog, taking calls and answering emails.  So far, I'm the one most in demand, as I disbud (dehorn) and band baby goats and calves.  Savana is excited about taking pictures for a family in Bronson who have contacted us.  This will be her first paid photography, and she can hardly wait until tonight, when they should be coming out.  We'll see if that will happen though, as circumstances have come up since our last contact that will be explained below.
     Then, yesterday we all went shopping in Ocala and ate at Cracker Barrel using a gift card from Grandmother and PaPa, which was a real treat.

     After ice cream at Sam's, we headed out to a farm to look at a couple of Nubian doelings which might be joining my herd soon.  :-)  I found out that this is actually the farm Mabel came from, so it was neat getting to see her siblings, grandmother, and other relations.  The doelings dam is her half sister.  I really like breeder, Miss Dawn, and her mother.  I think they enjoyed our visit too, and we stayed for over an hour, not leaving till after 9 PM.  Right before we left, they gave us a very nice glider rocking chair, and Mama loves it (which is a very good thing!). This was a real answer to prayer, and they refused to let us pay them for it, insisting that it was a gift, and it made them happy to see us take it.  This was such a blessing, since Mama has been praying for some time that the a Lord would provide a rocking chair, but simply could not find the right one, and now a very nice one has been provided, and it was even free!  Praise the Lord!

     And now we come to today...  Daddy, Evan, LilyAnn and I went up to Shepherd's Hill Farm (owned by a family from our church) to help butcher chickens.  We had driven about 20 minutes, and still had 40 to go, when Savana called.  As soon as Daddy picked up, she excitedly burst out:  "Mama's water just broke!". It took a few seconds to sink in, but it was true- Mama is in labor, a little early!  To say we are excited is a bit of an understatement.  :-)   We did go on and help butcher, (and I nearly dehydrated while doing so since I had forgotten to drink) but had to leave early when Mama called to say that contractions were picking up, please come on home.  So I'm now writing this in the car on our hour-long drive, and will post again when Feldman number 11 arrives!

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  1. Yes, that's why I never made a public blogging resolution...;)

    I enjoyed reading this post of the Lord's provision and goodness in the last few days. I'm so thankful He's providing new outlets for you and your families abilities, using them to provide for your needs!

    As to your home management...I also enjoy the experience {for it's VERY practical preparation}
    but my siblings have the same feelings as yours! :)

    Good seeing y'all today...spending time with...well
    nearly all of it with a certian younger bro of yours! ;) And my ears didn't fall off, so I thoroughly enjoyed it!