Thursday, September 1, 2011

Visit with Cousins

Cousins are so much fun!  Sophia, James and Caleb are all adorable, and they have such a good time here with our little guys and all the animals :)  We always enjoy it when our "Aunt Gie-Gie" is able to come down and visit for a week.  Here are some photos Savana took of our visit with them.

Sweet Miss Sophia

 I love the sequence of these pictures of Farrah with James in our garden.

"Oh no, what am I supposed to do here?"

"Hey, whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, you're getting seeds?"
"I'm ready for some!"
"Thank you..."
"You missed one!  Let me get it..."
"So this is what you do with them..."
"This is fun!"

The rest of the little guys were having a good ol' time in the mud.

 After playing in the mud all morning, everyone had to take a "front step bath"- i.e. get a hosing down and hair-washing on the steps of the porch.

That water is sooo cold!
(Screenshot from a video.)

It's fun getting a "front step bath" though!  (Another screenshot.)

Isn't James cute lying on the rail of our deck like this?
Sophia playing with Kep.  (At first she was rather afraid of him, but now she likes him a lot.)

We love our cousins!

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  1. What joyous photos! I am glad that you had a wonderful visit with them! {Playing in mud was much fun when I was younger, and I delighted in seeing the children's cheerful faces as they enjoyed the mess...}

    In Christ,