Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cancer and the God-given Cure

     Cancer is one of the biggest killer diseases in North America, and other places around the world.  My family and I have been learning about the natural cures for cancer, and the FDA's suppression of the knowledge of these cures from the general public.  There are natural cures for cancer- cures that work- but you will probably not hear this from a government educated and paid doctor.  Why?  There is no money to be made by big drug/ medicine companies by selling the natural remedies such as intravenous vitamin C, or apple seeds.  You don't have to be licensed to sell herbs, thus the big companies can't have a monopoly of the business, and they don't make the big bucks.  Besides, why would they want people to be completely cured?  If they don't get sick, they don't come back to get more drugs.  Now, do you know who are the major funders for the "cancer research" and the drug licensing agencies?  The big drug companies.  At least one also is owned by an even bigger corporation which owns:  NBC.  So is NBC going to show all the real cures on their nightly news if those cures take away business from themselves?  Of course not.  And who runs the major medical schools?  The government which is lobbied by the big drug companies ( hereafter referred to as BDC).  So, in other words, the doctors learn what the government teaches, and the government is paid by the BDC.

  Exodus 23:8 says:  "And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the discerning, and perverts the words of the righteous."  Lobbying is pretty much bribing, and if the Bible states that even righteous people can sometimes lie, or ignore facts when tempted, how much more those who are not righteous?  Of course, not every person connected with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), AMA (American Medical Association) or the BDC is a "bad" person, willing to sacrifice thousands of lives merely for personal gain, but they have been indoctrinated and deceived as well, and the fact is, there are some people out there who would do that.  To quote from a gentleman who was interviewed on this subject in an excellent documentary we watched, (FOODMATTERS):  "You can be sincere- and you can be sincerely wrong."  (Just like everyone who thinks there is another way to God besides through Jesus.)

     There are many good resources of information about this available.  Both on the Internet and in books, in documentaries and occasionally on television.   There has been a massive amount of research done on this subject, but most of the findings have been completely ignored.  BDC, the FDA, and the AMA all refuse to admit that vitamins, herbs, fruit seeds, and other natural remedies can prevent and even cure cancer.  More than this, they resolutely suppress this knowledge.  The company producing Cansema is a good illustration.  Cansema is an herbal salve which is produced in slightly different forms to kill different types of cancer.  It was being produced in the United States and was helping many people to cure their cancer- that is, until the FDA shut them down.  The Wikipedia article about Cansema is very misleading- mixing fact with fiction and adamantly stating that it does not work, that the FDA had very good grounds for shutting it down, and the article openly called it "quackery".  Thankfully, Cansema is still available, but it is now produced in Ecuador where the FDA can't touch them.  Mama and Daddy have both used this salve on spots which they suspected of being skin cancer, and it acted on them exactly in the way predicted by the Cansema company.  It is safe to use, even on places which are not known to be cancer as it will only react with the actual cancer cells, while leaving the healthy cells untouched.  So if it is not really cancer it will not do anything beyond possibly irritating the skin slightly.
     Last night we watched an excellent documentary on the subject of nutrition, and cancer.  I highly recommend it to any person interested in this subject, to anyone diagnosed with cancer, to anyone overweight, to anyone with heart problems, to anyone needing encouragement about eating right, and in short, to anyone reading this!  (Note:  This is not a Christian documentary.  There is not a single word about God in it, and at least one of the men interviewed seemed to be strongly New Age (and maybe a little overboard on the raw superfood type thing too).)
     We already were aware of most of the information in it, but it definitely clarified some things, such as the way the FDA has changed the meaning of "cancer survivor" (meaning that they survived 5 years from date of treatment), or that it isn't just eating a little better that helps- it has to be mega- dose nutrition to help.  The name of this documentary is Foodmatters.  We got it from the library, but of course it is available for sale online.

     The BDC are making billions of dollars per year off their chemotherapy drugs, which are themselves, in many cases, carcinogens.  And almost everyone knows that radiation is a primary cause of cancer.  (What do you wear sunscreen for if not to block radiation from the sun?)  And how does surgery help if the cells causing the problem are still in the body?

     Of course there are many kind, loving people in the cancer medical area who truly think they are doing the best thing for people, but they've been educated by the schools paid for by the BDC.   The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil.  That would include suppression of life-saving truth, causing the deaths not only of many people from the actual cancer, but also of 106,000 in the USA alone from normal, expected side effects from the drugs which were supposed to cure the disease.  On the other hand, most of the people who have thoroughly researched this are not trying to sell you anything.  In a court room evidence is sometimes discarded due to the parties concerned being too deeply biased to one side or the other.  Wouldn't billions of dollars a year be a pretty strong reason for the BDC, FDA, AMA and other agencies to be biased?  And people are still dying.  The "cures" don't seem to work very well.  I think that alternative, natural, and cheaper cures are at least worth a little personal research.

     Here are some good materials to check out for both cancer treatment and nutrition:
     Food Inc.  An excellent documentary focusing mainly on the production of meat in America.  (Note:  It does contain footage of slaughter houses, meat packing plants, etc.)

     Foodmatters: You Are What You Eat   Another good documentary addressing proper nutrition and it's relation to cancer and heart disease.

      Cancer:  Step Outside the Box  An excellent book about cancer, the suppression of natural cures, and stories of real people who were cured by them.  Written by a Christian man.  Well written and very insightful.

     King Corn  Another documentary.  This one was made by a couple of college students showing how corn is in practically every processed food and drink in America.

     Food Inc.  This documentary focuses primarily on the meat and poultry industry in America, showing how the conventional farming methods are harmful to people and the enviroment.  (I am not an enviromentalist, but people are to care for the earth and not use methods which are known to be harmful.  To read an excellent article by Doug Phillips on this subject click  here.

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