Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last Sunday, the 13th, Inez had four puppies!  Of course, she had them on the very day that Savana predicted.  She is a Great Pyrenees, and the sire of the pups is our neighbors' Chocolate Lab.  There are two white, and two black.  Both the whites are males, and one of the blacks is a female.  They are all healthy, and very fat.  Their eyes haven't opened yet, but should sometime this week.  This is our first time ever having puppies around here, so everyone is enjoying them immensely.
     Here are a few photos... Enjoy!
The first three pups...

At two days...

These little guys sometimes look like piglets (and they can squeal like them too!)

At five days...

Balloo, the biggest puppy.

Our sweet Inez

Ferdinand and his puddle ducks invade the stall where Inez has her family for the sake of the food in her dish.


  1. How sweet! New life is such a blessing from the Lord. I greatly enjoyed viewing the lovely photographs you shared!

    Many Blessings,

  2. What a wonderful blessing to be able to watch as these cute little puppies grow.....:)

    In Christ,