Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Jason and Mr. Sam.

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas everybody! Christmas here has been quite different so far- no tree, no lights, (no electric to run them, except when the generator's on!) no presents as of yet, and although it's a little different than other days so far, it's hard to realize that it's actually Christmas.
Yesterday, JoHannah and I made bread by hand, with flour that the boys ground using a manual grinder that fastens to the table. We turned half of it into sandwich rolls, and the other half into cinnamon rolls. We had the latter for breakfast this morning, so followed the traditional Christmas morning breakfast for my family.
     Later, Mr. Sam, one of the Schmidts friends, came over for lunch.  He is an older German man from Poland, and seemed to really enjoy his time with us.  He was vry nice, and loved Jason (who fully reciprocated the feeling) and it was quite interesting to listen to him talk, especially about his family, and all the Germans, in post-WW 2 Poland.
     Well, the children are fed, and will be in bed soon.  Looking forward to a nice evening with the Schmidts.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and wish you a happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas! Thank you for updating the blog. It is so nice to see the pictures and to read about life in the orphanage. I praise God for His unspeakable in Christ! Without it we wouldn't see the value of life at all, and those children are precious. I thank God that He has sent someone to love them and help them not just reach their potential but also to know the Lord!

  2. Hi, Precious! I am so amazed at the wonderful young lady you have become. You amaze me! You are very often in my mind. I am glad you were able to have the traditional Christmas morning breakfast! What did you think of the cereal you had the other day? I bet you enjoyed it. It is so nice and inspirational to hear about the children and your Haiti family. Mrs. Schmidt and JoHanna seemed like such sweet people. I know you will learn from them and them from you. I learn something new from you every single time that I talk to you! All my Love, Sissy

  3. Merry Christmas Alayna! I am sure that many things are diferent for Christmas where you are, but we are all still celebrating and giving thanks for the gift that the Lord has given to us through Christ.